Prevention of transmission with CMV infection 

Unfortunately, a vaccination has not yet been found for preventing transmission of the CMV virus. Therefore, the only recommended method by doctors to prevent the infection is by adopting preventive means.

Up to the age of 4, many children excrete the CMV virus, and therefore there are several rules that have been scientifically proven to drastically lower infection with the virus during pregnancy[5]


Avoiding contact with saliva

  1. Do not kiss young children in the area of the mouth and cheeks (you can kiss the hair on top and the nape).
  2. Do not share food, beverages, utensils and towels with young children.

Avoiding contact with excretions

  1. Wash hands with water and soap after coming in contact with the excretions of young children (contact with saliva, wiping nose, changing a diaper and so on).
  2. Washing hands after touching surfaces touched by young children (toys, chairs etc.)
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