About the Israeli Association for CMV Pregnancies 

The Israeli Association for CMV Pregnancies was founded in 2018, with the objective of changing the reality of women and couples experiencing a CMV pregnancy in the State of Israel, in light of the misinformation on the subject, expressed in information provided online and sometimes even in the healthcare setting, with regards to CMV virus infection during pregnancy.

The association’s vision:

 “All women of childbearing age in Israel will know how to prevent CMV virus infection.
In case infection is identified during the pregnancy or close to the conception date, women will be referred to a medical array available at every hospital/HMO, comprised of gynecologists and infectious diseases doctor who are experts on the virus. This way every woman will be able to receive all the up-to-date information in terms of research, and she will be able to make the best decision for her regarding the pregnancy”

The association’s objectives:

– Raising awareness to the CMV virus in order to reduce the rate of infection with the virus during the pregnancy.
– Making accessible the most up-to-date and relevant information on the CMV virus as published periodically by a forum of experts on the subject, for every woman in accordance with the time of her infection with the virus. Making the information accessible will facilitate an informed decision regarding the pregnancy from a position of knowledge, and will reduce the anxiety experienced by women who discover they have been infected with the virus.

– Providing personal and individual support for women who discovered an infection with the virus.

– Promoting the founding of a national forum of experts on CMV that will convene periodically in order to discuss innovations in the subject, write recommended protocols for treatment and publish a position paper for all doctors.

– Promotion of collaborations between medical centers in things pertaining to CMV pregnancies.

Association’s board members:

Vered Wertheim, Chairperson

Dr. Inbal Friedler Danziger


Review board members:

Michal Mamlok-Cohen

Orli Weisser


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